Toni Morrison - God Help the Child

Here are the first edition points for Toni Morrison's God Help the Child that I ordered directly from the publisher. The first edition has 178 pages, and is published by Alfred Knopf in 2015, and is identified by the stated "First Edition" printed at the bottom of the copyright page. The book is in pink board quarter bound in black board. On the spine, the author's name, a publisher device, the title, and the publisher are printed in gold. The front of the dust jacket has a background with title and author's name in various colors, and is designed by Kelly Blair. The back of the jacket is a picture, by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, of Toni Morrison looking towards the spine. There is no review. The price of $24.95 is on the top right corner of the front flap and the back flap has an introduction of Morrison on top and the publisher information at the bottom.

The front of the dust jacket  designed by Kelly Blair. Notice that the colorful fonts are all embossed.
The back of the dust jacket with a picture of Toni Morrison looking towards the spine.

The front flap with the original price of $24.95 on top right corner and an introduction of the novel within bands of three colored lines on top and bottom.

Back flap with a 6-line of author introduction.

Front pink board quarter bound in black board.

Full title page.

Stated first edition on copyright page.

Dedication page.

Biblical quote after the dedication page.

The first page of the novel with no page number (it is page 3).

The final page.


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