Labor Day 2015 - Taschen's Chinese Propaganda Posters Collection

Here's a great picture, taken from Taschen's book on Chinese Propaganda Poster, to commemorate Labor Day. The book is a selection of Michael Wolf's collection. I bought the book at Taipei's Eslite bookstore because I love how the posters, in all its realist aesthetics, capture the zeitgeist of China in the mid 20th century.

This poster was published in 1977. It shows a group of eager children and their teacher, the lady in blue, welcoming a guest - the worker comrade - outside a classroom. The Chinese subtitle roughly translates to "We ask uncle worker to teach us his trade". Taken together, it conveys a deep respect for the grass-root labors who go about doing their job diligently and quietly so that we can go about living our lives, uninterrupted.

The dust jacket and the book.


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