Steeple Bush (Signed Limited First Edition)

BY Robert Frost
Book Information1/1/2/US/HH/1947/o.751  •  220x155x45  •  280

This is the true first edition - signed and limited to 751 copies - of Robert Frost's "Steeple Bush" published in 1947 by Henry Holt. There is, as always, a corresponding first trade edition that I think has more character. The signed limited edition always seems too proper and uptight, detached in its self-indulging, ostentatious vainglory, while the trade edition, with its dust jacket and advertisement, is a garden of earthly delights. Nonetheless, the true first edition is the eternal pursue of all collectors, so we present a rather handsome copy here. Based on the advertisement at the back of the first trade edition's dust jacket, this limited edition's price was $10.

This is number 619 of the 751 signed copies issued with glassine and a grey-green slip case instead of dust jacket. The glassine, which is increasingly rare, is present for this copy.The book is bound in grey-green board backed with tan linen cloth, Loren MacIver designed weed emblem and lettering in gilt, and has no topstain. The book has a signature page with Frost's holograph and the copyright page should state "FIRST PRINTING". 

This book is somewhat rare and a VG copy can be purchased from eBay or Abebooks for $450 onwards. It remains the only signed edition of this title with a almost surely genuine signature of Frost. This is a NF copy that is tight and clean.

The book is bounded in gray-green paper-covered board backed with tan linen cloth. The front board is covered by the design of a weed by Loren MacIver.

Robert Frost signed on a special page in ink, and this is copy 619.

The copyright page indicating that this is a first edition first printing.

This is the full title page.

Content page.

Content page.

The first poem of the book on page 3.

The final page.

The printer information on the colophon.


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