The Ghost Writer (Franklin Library)

BY Philip Roth
Book Information1/1/2/US/FL/1979/?  •  220x146x20  •  488  •  Pulitzer'80(F)  •  ">NBA'80(F)  •  NBCCA'79(F)

"The Ghost Writer" is the first of nine "Nathan Zuckerman" novels and, together with the next three installments, is collectively known as "Zuckerman Bound", which Harold Bloom said "merits something reasonably close to the highest level of esthetic praise for tragicomedy". Published in 1979 by the Franklin Library, the book was finalists to three prestigious annual American literary awards - Pulitzer, National Book Award, and National Book Critics Circle Award - but won none. The Pulitzer fiction committee actually recommended it for the prize but was overruled by the Pulitzer board.

There are two first editions for this book: a first trade edition published by FSG and this true first edition published as part of Franklin Library's "First Edition Club" series. The book is bound in genuine leather with silk moire end papers and all edges gilt. The signature in this book is a facsimile.

This book is not particularly rare and a VG/NF copy can be purchased from eBay or Abebooks for less than $50. This is a NF copy with no perceivable flaw.


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