Fortune Smiles

BY Adam Johnson
Book Information1/1/0/US/RH/2015/?  •  217x160x44  •  468  •  NBA'15 

Congratulations to Adam Johnson for winning the 2015 National Book Award. Johnson, a professor of creative writing at Stanford (one for the farm!), is on a good streak, having won the Pulitzer in 2014 for "The Orphan Master's Son". I haven't read this newly mint NBA winner, which is a collection of six stories that, as Michiko Kakutani informed, "feature  characters reeling from displacement, dislocation or emotional and cultural vertigo". I read somewhere that one of the stories' protagonist is a pedophile. That means we are talking about dolorous tales perilous enough to morph one's felicity into melancholia. Kakutani recommended "Nirvana" and "Fortune Smiles" as the two stories that stand out, so they are must-reads, and I'll tackle the other four, one at a time, when I feel strong, brave and adventurous enough. 

This is the true first edition published by Random House in 2015. The dust jacket is unclipped, reflecting the price of $27, and has two advanced praises for the book and five for "The Orphan Master's Son", including one from Kakutani. The book, bound in blue board and black clothed spine with silver lettering, has unstained edges. The copyright page should have a full number line, with "FIRST EDITION" stated below it. 

This is an unread, near mint copy with a Fine dust jacket and a Fine book, signed by the author on the full title page, purchased from Powell's.


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