Rabbit Redux (Signed Limited First Edition)

BY John Updike
Book Information1/1/2/US/AF/1971/o.350  •  218x148x48  •  798

“Rabbit Redux", published in 1971 by Alfred Knopf, finds Rabbit a decade older from when we left him in "Rabbit, Run". Now nearing forty, Rabbit is softened by and acquiescent to the curse of a middle class lifestyle - humdrum job, bland marriage, and a teenage son. Janice, still the wife, emerges a fuller character and turns the liaison table. Shedding her status as a victim of her husband's infidelity, Janice finds herself in love with a car salesman who works for her father and leaves the family, leaving Rabbit with their thirteen years old son, Nelson. Through a colleague, Rabbit meets Jill, a teenage runaway, takes her in and develops a sexual relationship with her over time despite his initial resistance. Jill then brings in Skeeter, a friend, black, and criminal who jumps bail on drug charges and needs a hideout. Rabbit, Jill, Nelson, and Skeeter make up a dysfunctional but eclectic sort of extended family where philosophical questions on existence, sex, kinship, war and race are explored. Jill, a lover-daughter character, and her death in a house fire evokes a poignant flashback of the death of Rebecca - Rabbit's daughter, from water in a drowning accident, in "Rabbit, Run" - and a sense that Rabbit is helpless against fate's recurring misfortune. Rabbit and Janice would get back again at the end. 

"Rabbit Redux" was well received by critics and sold well, thus popularizing the term "redux", the definition of which is given on the front flap. The book did not receive any literary award, and is probably the least desirable title in the tetralogy.

This is the signed limited first edition, issued without dust jacket, with the original slipcase. The slipcase has a huge graphic of "R" made up be smaller, repetitive "JOHNUPDIKERABBITREDUX". The book is bound in similar graphic with blue clothed board on spine and gilt lettering, and has red topstain. The copyright page should state "First Edition" and the author signed on a limitation page stating that this edition is limited to 350 copies.

This book is not very rare and a VG+ copy can be purchased from eBay or Abebooks from $250 onwards. This is a NF copy with a NF slipcase and a NF book.

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