Taschen Mania

My selection of Taschen books arrived today, all 23kg of them. Taschen is probably my favorite publisher now, for its catalogue of beautiful, well laid-out, superbly written, and still affordable books printed on quality paper.The Bibliotheca Universalis series, in particular, provides for an economical way to pick up some working knowledge on arts and aesthetics through meticulousness research and vividly illustrated books. I fell in love with it when I picked up the first copy that taught me the rich allegories of and political motivations for the Chinese propaganda posters (I got another copy here). It is beautiful and immensely enjoyable over many an idle afternoon. The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen is also an exquisite publication, and I'm getting this copy (I already owe one) for a new parents.

Some of the beautiful Taschens will grace the shelves of this new reading corner


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