Loot of the month March 2019

The Loot of the Week series is now renamed Loot of the Month to better reflect the purchase frequency. I'll like to think of this as a sort of maturity in my collection program: the books worth adding to the program diminishes was the collection size increases, and the pernicious inclination to do impulsive purchase mellows.

This month, we have 4 books. Tessa Hadley's "Late in the Day" is Powell's 78 Indiespensable selection, and "The Snakes"is a free ARC that came along with it. I also subscribed to a new signed first edition club with A Cappella Books, and the first book I received is Marlon James' "Black Leopard, Red Wolf", the first of his planned trilogy that earned a rather interesting review from Michiko Kakutani. The book is signed, and the store throws in an autographed photo of the author as well.

Then there are two beautiful first editions of Saul Bellow's later work, both in paperbacks. I'm a fan of Bellow, and these books were offered at such ridiculously low prices that I just had to buy them. I also bought an exciting Pulitzer winner from the recently concluded Heritage auction, and am still waiting for its arrival. Soon.


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