Loot of the Month - Nov 2019

This month's purchase mainly comprised acclaimed publications this year, all first printing, some signed,  along with a 98 years old veteran, Booth Tarkington's "Alice Adams", likely a 3rd edition.

Amongst the books are 2019 National Book Award winner, Susan Choi's "Trust Exercise", and finalist, Laila Lalami's "The Other Americans". Ocean Vuong's "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" was longlisted for NBA as well. Then there are three acclaimed novels: Ben Lerner's "The Topeka School", Ann Pachett's "The Dutch House" and Namwali Serpell's "The Old Drift". One of these books must surely be on the upcoming NBCCA and Pulitzer.

Finally, there's Booth Tarkington's "Alice Adams", published in 1921 by Doubleday. The book came with a very nice dust jacket that says 3rd edition on the spine. The book does not have the usual transposed error of the first printing, but reflects 1921 as the printing year on the title page. Based on my research, I believe this to be the 3rd edition published on the same year as the true first edition. Third editions are generally worth very little, but the dust jacket is so pretty, and the lot, along with two other Tarkington's books, was selling at $50, and I just couldn't resist. 


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