Unboxing first editions - 8 Pulitzer fiction finalists

The Pulitzer Fiction prize is an annual literary award "for distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life". The Fiction Jury, usually 3 members but sometimes 2, sieves out all entrants for shortlist finalists presented to the Pulitzer Board who determines the winner. Most years, the awards were given to one of the finalists. Some years, they went to titles that the Jury did not shortlist. Once in a while, no award was given. Official finalists were recognized once from 1980. Prior finalists were discerned from the Jury submissions published in Fischer and Fischer's "Chronicles of the Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction: "Discussions, Decisions and Documents". We unbox 8 first editions of Pulitzer fiction finalists for what to look out for in modern first edition collecting: 1969: Louis Auchincloss' "A World of Profit" 1970: John Cheever's "Bullet Park" 1971: Eudora Welty's "Losing Battles" 1974: John Cheever's "The World of Apples" 1978: Anne Tyler's "Earthly Possessions" and William Maxwell's "Over the River" 1979: James Houston's "Continental Drift" 2000: Annie Proulx's "Close Range: Wyoming Stories"


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